A trip to Hogsmeade

There was also a section of the basement that was decorated like Hogsmeade. The bar was turned into the 3-broomsticks, and this hutch off to the side of room was transformed into Hogsmeade!

The 3-Broomsticks – our bar in the basement.


For info on how I created this sign, please visit my HP crafting page. Harry Potter Crafting


Hogsmeade shops!


Just like the Wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal, Hogsmeade was decorated with snow.


An area of this display was styled for Zonko’s. Some of the items in the display are just empty prop boxes with labels and wrapping printed from the web. I also bought some cheapy colored toys at the dollar store and party store that went along with the old timey joke shop/toy shop theme. I also incorporated some Weasley joke products into the display as well. It didn’t make sense to have a separate Weasley shop area, plus I also just didn’t have any more room so I just added them in to the zonko’s display.


The Hogsmeade display also included an extensive Honey Dukes candy shop. I had treat bags for people to use to take home Honey Dukes treats!


I wanted the Honey Dukes area to REALLY feel like a real candy shop, and to feel like the Honey Dukes candy shop we visited at Universal Oralando. I created some candies, sweets and also just bought a bunch of candies. Go to the Food & Drink page for more details about Honey Dukes & other edible treats!

hd1 hd4 hd10 hd9 hd6 hd3


Next stop – let’s read more about all the yummy comestibles!  (i.e. Food & Drink)


About the party

The Invitations

Platform 9 3/4

Diagon Alley

Welcome to Hogwarts!

A trip to Hogsmeade

Food & Drink

The Bathroom

Harry Potter Crafting

Misc. HP Fun

Next Time

Questions about my party?  Feel free to contact me!


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