Misc. HP Fun

Here are some more of my decorations and ideas that didn’t really fit on any of the other webpage sections.


Since there were kids there on day 1, I figured they were probably gonna get a bit squirrel-ey after a while. I figured what better way to blow off some steam then send them out to the back yard to play quidditch. Unfortunately it was drizzling all day so no one actually played. I did snap this shot of the quidditch pitch before the party though.


Yeah I know, there should be rings at either end of the pitch. I could only get my hands on 3 of those small hula hoops at the dollar store though, so I was only able to create 3 rings. They were a super easy project though, just spray paint them gold, and attach them to some inexpensive garden stakes.


So I saw this idea online that sparked the idea for this clever dementor/patronus area. This was my least successful decoration however because I guess people just didn’t get it. They thought I just went way overboard and brought out some Christmas decorations in addition to all the HP-ness and Fall/Halloween decorations. Not even the strategically placed dementor and patronus signs seemed to clue them in…

dementor_patronous IMG_6344

I don’t know, I thought it was a pretty cute idea. I really wasn’t looking forward to crafting my own dementor, luckily my husband came home one day with that Halloween decoration from World Market that looks pretty much like a dementor so I just hung it from the ceiling with some thumb tacks. The patronus is a lighted buck Christmas decoration that you would normally stick in your front yard. To everyone’s defense, the effect of this decoration was greatly enhanced if you looked at it in the dark…I guess it was kinda hard to tell what it was during the day? Dementor sign found at http://thestars-themoon.tumblr.com/archive. Color Patronus sign found HERE.



I also found some ideas online for flying keys. For several years now I’m been amassing collections of “keys”, most of them being Christmas ornaments that I bought on clearance after Christmas. I also found this whole set of REAL old fashioned keys at that awesome antique store I mentioned. I also found this really cool template for key wings online. I printed the wings on vellum paper, and glued the wings together so you could see the wing image from both the top and the bottom of the key. The moisture from the glue made the wings all crinkley and rippled, and they were somewhat translucent due to the vellum paper. The effect was so great they really looked like actual wings!  I attached the wings to the keys with hot glue, and just strung them up using fishing line and tension rods. You had to get past the keys to make it to the bathroom. Print these wings from justsweetandsimple.blogspot.com.

key1 key2 keys3

My husband was less then thrilled about this decoration because he’s tall. He kept hitting his head on the keys every time had had to go to the bathroom, and every time he needed to go in or out of our bedroom. Sorry Tim!


Well if people were in costumes…obviously the pets should be too!

Ani (pronounced Annie) wore a Gryffindor tie.


Mia kept trying to “help” make the pet costumes by attacking the felt and the scissors(ack!), stealing pins, and biting the sewing machine. She earned a Slytherin tie for that behavior.


When Mia was a kitten I made her a lion costume. I enhanced the lion costume with a Gryffindor Scarf so she got to be a Gryffindor for part of the time.

Little Abi (pronounced Abbey) has just arrived so I didn’t have a costume for her. I’m thinking she might be a Hufflepuff though. A tie is probably overkill for her since she’s so tiny though. I think I’ll make her a little kitty bowtie!


I had some floo powder out by the fireplace. It’s just a bit of green glitter in a jar. I know the actual floo power looks more like dirt…but the floo powder flames are green so I figured green glitter was a bit more festive.


I then stuck a green feather boa in the fireplace to look like the green flames!



So…I read about this activity where guests put their favorite HP memory in a penseive. I thought it was kinda cute so I bought some plastic Christmas ornaments and figured I could bust out this activity if anyone got bored. The penseive was just this old birdbath from my garden. I really didn’t know how well this activity would go over but it turns out that the kids LOVED it. It entertained them for the better part of the last movie the night they were there. Well, we also gave them the big feathery pen to use so that helped too.

So here’s how it worked…people write their favorite Harry Potter memory on a slip of paper, inserted it into the plastic ornament, then put the ornament in the penseive. We then had the children use their wands (which fit perfectly into the end of the ornaments) and “retrieve” the memories from the penseive.

pensieve1 - Copy pensieve

Clever right?   Well…it was until we discovered all sorts of “problems” with the activity. FIRST, the ornaments immediately flipped upside down and took on water from the penseive because the top part of them was too heavy. I used some of the “moonstone” marbles from the potions display to help weigh them down. Next…while the paper went in pretty easily…it was damn hard to get the paper OUT of the ornament. I had to find some tweezers to help fish out the paper, and even then I ripped a lot of the memories. If you fold the paper in half LENGHTWISE first, then roll it up tightly, it was pretty easy to remove the paper then. Despite all it’s issues, like I said the kids really did seem to enjoy this penseive game!


So the treadmill is super ugly. With all the decorations up all over the basement it also just stuck out like a sore thumb. My husband came up with the idea of just draping something over it. He’s like, it will just look like a vanishing cabinet then. Tim – you’re a genius!


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