Next time…

When Harry Potter totally takes over your life (and house) for several weeks, and you spend months and months crafting and preparing for the event…when it’s all said and done I’m not entirely sure what you’re supposed to do with yourself?!

Most of the decorations have been removed. I’m still in the process of packing them all away and figuring out how to store them.  Some of our movie party attendees were over yesterday and I think they were a little saddened and disappointed that all the HP festiveness was gone. It is sort of sad, to see the house go back to normal, but I guess it’s time to get back to reality.

If I ever get the courage to do this again…Here’s a few more decorations I would add because I never got around to making them:

Triwizard championship signs
A new Triwizard cup
A remembrall
Prisoner of Azkaban photo booth
Mirror of Erised
Knight bus ticket & Shrunken heads
Ministry of magic interdepartmental memos
Hogshead sign
More costumes!

Would I change anything or do anything different?  Probably not. The whole thing turned out pretty spectacular in the end. Maybe I would add some more games and activities. Especially during the first few movies to keep people entertained.

For now, I think I’ll take a break from Harry Potter. I guess I should focus on finishing the office/closet remodel, doing all the touchup paint I never got around to doing after the living room remodel, the front porch steps are finally being rebuilt, and I need to actually thoroughly clean the inside of my house. Oh and I’m spending lots of time playing with the new kitten! In just a few short weeks it will be time to decorate for Christmas.  I have just as many (if not more) decorations for Christmas! Or maybe I can’t totally go on a HP free diet, and I’ll actually get that wand shop set up on Etsy!

At least for now I guess it’s safe to say – “Mischief Managed!!”

Have more questions about the party?  Feel free to contact me!

About the party

The Invitations

Platform 9 3/4

Diagon Alley

Welcome to Hogwarts!

A trip to Hogsmeade

Food & Drink

The Bathroom

Harry Potter Crafting

Misc. HP Fun

Next Time


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