The Invitations

I styled my invitations after Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter. The text of the letter contained important information about the format of the party, starting times, food & beverage options, and party location. I printed the invitations on a basic paper, then “aged” the paper and envelopes using tea. See my post on How to – Harry Potter crafting for more info.

Harry Potter Party Invitation, Owls

Harry Potter Party Invitation, Owls


Harry Potter Party Invitations, delivered by owl

Harry Potter Party Invitations, delivered by owl


The invitations were addressed to the recipients with clever names for their houses. (Instead of the cupboard under the stairs the addressed envelopes related to their personal residences) I found some “Hogwarts Express” themed postmarks and stamps (source info below) that I just printed, cut out, and glued on to the envelopes. In the “about” section I know I said I couldn’t possibly site all my sources for party ideas. I do want to site a source for invitation inspiration though. I was having trouble downloading the invitation and Colleen from was great about responding to my request for the file in a timely manner. You can download an invitation and envelope from her! She shares the file through googledocs, and she has other great HP party ideas on her website I listed above!

The back of the envelope was sealed with a red wax seal of course. (Thanks Tim for letting me use your Maker’s Mark Ambassador wax seal kit!)

I borrowed the idea for having invitations arrive by “owl” from several websites I found online. The invitations were tied with ribbon to a helium filled balloon. I asked the people at the party store to not fill the balloons too full. That way I could draw the owls on to them with sharpie without worrying about popping the balloon. The guests were all really excited when we stopped by with their owl!

Hogwarts Express tickets (found online and printed) were included in the correspondence!

About the party

The Invitations

Platform 9 3/4

Diagon Alley

Welcome to Hogwarts!

A trip to Hogsmeade

Food & Drink

The Bathroom

Harry Potter Crafting

Misc. HP Fun

Next Time

Have more questions about my party? Feel free to contact me!


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